White Icons & Abilities

“All reliable indicators suggest that tomorrow's launch is going to be one big non-event.”

—Prowl to Wheeljack, More than Meets the Eye #1 

Probability of flipping white icons

Some characters, e.g. Chromia, have abilities that are activated by flipping a certain number of white icons while attacking/defending. These plots show the probability of flipping 1+, 2+, or 3+ white icons as a function of the number of white icons in your deck, and for several values of Bold/Though. Click on the figure to select the value of Bold/Tough you're interested in (up to 6).

Technical note: These plots are generated by flipping cards from the top of 100'000 simulations of their corresponding 40-card decks. Every number referred to as a "probability" is actually a normalized occurrence number.