“I've got a billion lifetimes' worth of information on my database.”

—Rewind to the crew of the Lost Light, More than Meets the Eye #9 

Attack Bonus

also includesBase Attack Modifiers


also includes"Bold-Like" Effects | Prevention

Defense Bonus


also includes"Tough-Like" Effects | Prevention


also includesPrevention |Other Black Cards

Brave & Stealth


includesAutobots | Decepticons | Mercenaries


includesCars | Helicopters | Motorcycles | Planes | Starships | Tanks | Titan Masters | Trucks

Fighting Styles

includesMelee | Ranged | Specialist

Card Drawing

also includes"Draw-Like" Effects

Additional Actions

also includesPrevention

Additional Upgrades

Additional Flips

Non-Combat Damage

also includesMoving Damage | Prevention

Damage Repairing

also includesMoving Damage | Augmenters & Accelerators

Upgrade Removals

also includesPrevention

Hand Disruption

also includesPrevention

Multiple-Icon Cards

Secret Actions

also includesAugmenters & Accelerators | Prevention

Ban List