"Brawn without brains ill-becomes a warrior, Decepticon! You're too data-deficient to even comprehend what this acid-pellet gun is doing to you!"

—Computron to Abominus, Head Masters #3

Quantitative deck-building for the Transformers TCG


"Now thisthis is the exciting stuff. Computer coding, not all that running around and shooting people nonsense."

—Jetfire to Cosmos,The Transformers (2014) #45

Simulated Games, Part 1

"Estimated probability of victory in one-to-one combat: 48.027 %"

—Computron (mainly to himself), Money is Everything

Fortress Maximus

“By the Prime Matrix! Fortress Maximus alone might be too much for us to handle!”

—A Decepticon unaware of Fortress Maximus' 15 Health,Head Masters #1

Rescue Patrol

"Now − Some folks say you should only pick on people your own size. But we're Decepticons..."

−Some Decepticon to Seawatch"Demons!", The Transformers (Marvel UK) #246

Variance, Part 1

“We can't act without knowing what's happening.”

—Bumblebee to Prowl, More than Meets the Eye #23

Variance, Part 2

“Glad we were naive enough to bring that extra fuel.”

—Perceptor to Topspin, Last Stand of the Wreckers #3 

Variance, Part 3

"Hang on, Bee. I think I got something figured..."

—Wheeljack to Bumblebee, Robots in Disguise #9

White Icons & Abilities

“All reliable indicators suggest that tomorrow's launch is going to be one big non-event.”

—Prowl to Wheeljack, More than Meets the Eye #1 

Green Cards & Consistency

"Sir, No Sir, I'm not joking. I'm looking at it right now. It's green. Yeah, that green..."

—Luna 2 Miner, More than Meets the Eye #14

Flipping Green

"Two simple means to get your greens."

—Pharma, Chief Medical Officer at Delphi(missing reference)


"Beauty is in everything except war."

—Grapple's motto, 1986 toy box


"Why does he reach for this starship?"

"To protect us. It's an Autobot thing You wouldn't understand, Megatron."

—Bumblebee and (the upper half of) Megatron, Robots in Disguise #26


"It happened so quickly..."

—Jazz to Kup, All Hail Megatron #7


"And if you think Boldpipe was bad, I'm worse!"

—Fracas to Scourge, The Rebirth, Part 2 


“This will enhance the combat prowess of these Decepticons...”

—Vorath to Lord Zarak, Head Masters #4 


“Metroplex is my kind of town!”

—Blaster on Metroplex, Five Faces of Darkness, Part 5 

Set Galleries


“I've got a billion lifetimes' worth of information on my database.”

—Rewind to the crew of the Lost Light, More than Meets the Eye #9 


“Collect and save. Collect and save.”

—Wreck-Gar's motto, 1986 toy box