Decklists by Character

“And the total so far is... two hundred and eight.”

—Drift to Rodimus, More than Meets the Eye #1

Latest update: Jun 30, 2020

results from Freedom Cup


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Air Force · WeaponsFearless FlyerAirborne Special OpsSkilled Fighter


Merciless InsecticonCommunicationsLegendary WarriorTrusted Lieutenant


Air Force · Weapons Sneaky Insecticon Renegade WarriorArtillery · Mechanic


Doomed LonerDevoted Decepticon


Electronic Surveillance


Ground Command · Artillery Sky High ReconRescue Patrol · MedicVeteran Decepticon


Dinobot Leader


Impulsive Fighter


Special Ops · WreckerInfantry · RainmakerSteadfast Brawler


Engineering · Air Guardian


Cunning Insecticon


Ground Command · Artillery


Conqueror of CybertronStunticon Leader


Dark CloneAir Strike Patrol · SpySearch and RescueInfantry · Combustion Specialis


Capricious AgitatorGalactic CommanderInfantry · LeaderBattlefield Legend


Military StrategistStrategic Mastermind


WarriorInsecticon CommandoInfantry · Emergency ResponseSecurity Chief


Applied Sciences · ScientistAir Force · ArtilleryAerialbot LeaderInsecticon LeaderAir Warfare SpecialistSpecial Ops · Aerial DefenseInfantry · CommunicationsTrackerInfantry · Electronic WarfareFearsome Flyer


Air Strike Patrol · StrategistSupersonic InterceptorAir Force · GunnerAir Command · Evac


Ground Command · Advance Guard


Weapons Inventor


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Decklists Included

13 Tournaments:

85 decklists:

  • no Wave 1 list

  • 8 Wave 2 lists

  • 26 Wave 3 lists

  • 24 Wave 4 lists

  • 27 Wave 5 lists

Known Biases

Other than the obvious bias due to the limited number of tournament decks considered, there are other known features of our data to keep in mind.

1. Different tournament structures

In particular, tournaments differ for number of participants and top cut rules. Only top decks are included, but they don't always account for the same fraction of all the decks in the tournament.

2. Waves are unevenly represented

For example, there are more that three times as many wave 4 lists than wave 2 lists in these data.

3. Origins & Gen Con 2019

The top 8 lists from Origins 2019 are not the result of a top 8 cut, as players were allowed to play a different deck during the invitational part of the tournament. 5 of the 13 entries of Optimus Prime, Battlefield Legend shown in the "number of decks" chart come from that tournament. The same is true about Gen Con 2019, and the top 8 decks included here are the result of 2 direct elimination rounds starting from 32 new decks.

4. Old vs. new characters

This "number of decks" chart tends to favor older characters, as they had more chances to be featured in a list.

Relative Frequency

Our second chart is partially fixing biases 2 and 4. The occurrence number of each character (as shown in the "number of decks" chart) is divided by the total number of lists that character could have been part of. For example, Flamewar, Veteran Decepticon is a Wave 1 character. Therefore, she could have appeared in any deck, and her "relative frequency" is 14/85 = 16%. On the contrary, Captain Jetfire, Engineering · Air Guardian is a Wave 4 characters, he couldn't have appeared in more than 51 lists, and was in 4 of them. His relative frequency is 8%.

This measure is also affected by a bias, as it favors recent characters when recent data is insufficient. For example, if the first event of a new wave features the same new character in all top 4 decks, this measure will assign 100% frequency to that character.