"Brawn without brains ill-becomes a warrior, Decepticon! You're too data-deficient to even comprehend what this acid-pellet gun is doing to you!"

—Computron to Abominus, Head Masters #3

Quantitative deck-building for the Transformers TCG

Set Galleries


“I've got a billion lifetimes' worth of information on my database.”

—Rewind to the crew of the Lost Light, More than Meets the Eye #9


“Collect and save. Collect and save.”

—Wreck-Gar's motto, 1986 toy box


"Now thisthis is the exciting stuff. Computer coding, not all that running around and shooting people nonsense."

—Jetfire to Cosmos,The Transformers (2014) #45

Fortress Maximus

“By the Prime Matrix! Fortress Maximus alone might be too much for us to handle!”

—A Decepticon unaware of Fortress Maximus' 15 Health,Head Masters #1

Simulated Games, Part 1

"Estimated probability of victory in one-to-one combat: 48.027 %"

—Computron, mainly to himslef, Money is Everything

Flipping Green

"Two simple means to get your greens."

—Pharma, Chief Medical Officer at Delphi(missing reference)

Green Cards & Consistency

"Sir, No Sir, I'm not joking. I'm looking at it right now. It's green. Yeah, that green..."

—Luna 2 Miner, More than Meets the Eye #14

Rescue Patrol

"Now − Some folks say you should only pick on people your own size. But we're Decepticons..."

−A Decepticon to Seawatch"Demons!", The Transformers (Marvel UK) #246

Variance, Part 3

"Hang on, Bee. I think I got something figured..."

—Wheeljack to Bumblebee, Robots in Disguise #9

Variance, Part 2

“Glad we were naive enough to bring that extra fuel.”

—Perceptor to Topspin, Last Stand of the Wreckers #3

Variance, Part 1

“We can't act without knowing what's happening.”

—Bumblebee to Prowl, More than Meets the Eye #23


"Beauty is in everything except war."

—Grapple's motto, 1986 toy box

White Icons & Abilities

“All reliable indicators suggest that tomorrow's launch is going to be one big non-event.”

—Prowl to Wheeljack, More than Meets the Eye #1


"Why does he reach for this starship?"

"To protect us. It's an Autobot thing You wouldn't understand, Megatron."

—Bumblebee and 1/2 of Megatron, Robots in Disguise #26


"It happened so quickly..."

—Jazz to Kup, All Hail Megatron #7


"And if you think Boldpipe was bad, I'm worse!"

—Fracas to Scourge, The Rebirth, Part 2


“This will enhance the combat prowess of these Decepticons...”

—Vorath to Lord Zarak, Head Masters #4


“Metroplex is my kind of town!”

—Blaster on Metroplex, Five Faces of Darkness, Part 5